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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets every other month to discuss each sub-committee and the whole of the Economic Council. Fabiola Brumley serves at the Executive Committee Chair, Mark Elhilow is the Board Chair Elect.

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Economic Council Executive Committee

Slate 2024


Chair:                                                 Fab Brumley

Past Chair:                                        Art Menor

Chair-Elect:                                       Mark Elhilow

Secretary:                                          Cliff Hertz

Treasurer:                                         Taryn Goldstein

General Counsel:                             Philippe Jeck


Policy:                                                Tom Hoban                                      

-Education                                        Dr. Deb Schwinn

-Healthcare                                       Gina Melby

-Infrastructure                                 George Gentile

-Workforce Housing                       Jack Weir

-Capital Resources                          Nelson Hinojosa

-Water Resources                           Maziar Keshavarz

                                                            -Racial Equity                                    Craig McKenzie/ Rachel Docekal

                                                            -Econ Development                        Neil Merin/ Eric Kelly


Dwyer:                                               Deana Pizzo                                                    

Strategic:                                           Sergio Mariaca                                                                            

Governance:                                     Michael Kohner                              

Member Services:                           Dr. Ava Parker                                 

Communications:                            Chris Duke                                        


At-Large:                                           Bill Perry

                                                            Maziar Keshavarz

                                                            Eric Kelly

                                                            Pam Rauch

                                                            Paul Leone

                                                            Scott Hawkins                                  Dave Markarian                


Policy Commmittee Committee

The Policy Committee meets monthly and identifies policies and issues of importance to the county as well as monitoring county and statewide legislation and ordinances. 2024 Policy Objectives include Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Workforce Housing, Capital Resources, Water Resources, Racial Equity and Economic Development. Tom Hoban serves as the Policy Committee Chair, Ken Tuma serves as the Vice-Chair.


Membership Services Committee

The Member Services Committee meets monthly and works on attracting and retaining members as well as vetting new members to join the organization. Membership consists of 100 Active Members, Sustaining Members and Ex-Officio Members. President Ava Parker serves as the Member Services Committee Chair, Paul Leone serves as the Vice-Chair.


Governance & Operations Committee

The Governance and Operations Committee meets on an as-needed basis to discuss and review operational and governance issues such as By-Laws. Michael Kohner serves as the Governance & Operations Committee Chair.



Communications Committee

The Communications Committee meets every month or as needed and works to establish effective means for internal and external messaging to ensure its members and the community stay informed of the Council’s activities. Chris Duke serves as the Communications Committee Chair.


Dwyer Awards Committee

The Dwyer Committee meets monthly or as needed and works to plan and execute the annual Dwyer Awards.   The William T. Dwyer Awards for Excellence in Education is an annual program of the Economic Council of Palm Beach County Foundation, recognizing outstanding educators from public and private schools in Palm Beach County. Deana Pizzo serves as the Dwyer Awards Committee Chair, Craig McKenzie serves as the Vice-Chair.



The EC-PAC is a voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated committee formed to promote sound and stable economic growth and to help business prosper in Palm Beach County, Florida. EC-PAC is and will remain an independent, autonomous political committee associated with, and operated independently of, the Economic Council of Palm Beach County, Inc.  EC-PAC is not affiliated with any political party. Scott Hawkins serves as the EC-PAC Chair, Dave Markarian serves as the Vice-Chair.


Strategic Intiatives Committee

The Strategic Initiatives Committee meets monthly and identifies and helps implement initiatives the Council wishes to endeavor in outside of its regular cadence.  This Committee is also instrumental in the planning and execution of the bi-annual Leadership Trip. Sergio Mariaca serves as the Strategic Initiatives Committee Chair, Pam Rauch serves as the Vice-Chair.