Mission and Values

The Economic Council of Palm Beach County’s mission is to create an environment in Palm Beach County that helps business prosper.

To achieve this goal, the Economic Council promotes prudent economic growth; advocates for the quality of life in Palm Beach County; encourages the principles of good government and good citizenship; takes an active interest in the civic, cultural and social welfare of the county and the state; provides a forum for the open discussion of matters of public interest; and seeks to inspire service-minded citizens to serve their community.


The Economic Council of Palm Beach County’s diverse membership includes nearly every area industry and its membership consists exclusively of top level business. The Council is dedicated to providing community leadership that helps businesses thrive and grow in Palm Beach County.


Since 1975, the Council and its members have created and sustained a productive business climate with a non-partisan agenda. As a results-driven organization, the Economic Council is a social, economic and political voice that businesses in Palm Beach County and neighboring communities trust. For almost 40 years, the Economic Council’s foremost goal is to positively impact the business landscape of Palm Beach County.

The Economic Council conducts its affairs in keeping with the following values:

  • The Council believes a healthy business climate and prosperous economy are essential to Palm Beach County to sustain a healthy and vibrant quality of life for all citizens.
  • Council members will exhibit the highest level of ethical business practices and will be active in civic, charitable and political causes.
  • Council members believe that the free enterprise system represents the most beneficial arrangement for maintaining a prosperous economy.
  • The Council embraces change to promote continuous improvement in the public and private sectors.
  • The Council is an organization that makes decisions based on research and factual information and not on the opinion of any individual or special interest group.
  • The Council interacts and works with business and civic organizations to foster common interests and facilitates support and cooperation among broad-based coalitions of organizations to promote a proactive business agenda on issues where there is a consensus.

Policy Statement on Racial Equity

The Economic Council of PBC members have unanimously approved the following position statement:

As members of the Economic Council of Palm Beach County, we acknowledge that businesses across this nation and in our local community thrive when they are diverse and inclusive. We recognize that our nation’s history has created disparities in systems and policies which have disproportionately created economic challenges for individuals based on race. It is our belief that individuals should enjoy the civil liberties provided in this great nation without regard to race and further affirm that this organization will stand for anti-racism.

For this reason, the Economic Council has created a Racial Equity Sub-committee whose objective is to inquire, consider and make recommendations that drive progress in key areas including but not limited to education, housing, job skills, health care, access to capital, racial justice and infrastructure. We stand united with conviction that taking this stand is the right thing to do and will result in a better business and lifestyle climate for all.

History & Impact

Established in 1975, the Economic Council of Palm Beach county is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that supports an open and collaborative relationship between the public and private sectors in Palm Beach County. Membership of the Council is comprised of a diverse mix of different industries of varying sizes in the area whose leaders have an active and influential role in the community.


The Economic Council and its members have established the organization as a trailblazer in the community for identifying key policy and issue areas that affect how businesses operate and that have a considerable impact on the citizens of the community. These include but are not limited to taxation, regulation, government efficiency, education and workforce preparedness, transportation, growth management and economic development.


As the “voice” of businesses in the community, the Council works to guide and shape the economic and civic landscape of Palm Beach County.

Historical Timeline

  • Council Established

    Founders included: Llwyd Ecclestone, Leo Vecellio, John R. Smith, George Elmore, Tom Pledger, Alex Dreyfoos, William Dwyer, John Temple

  • Airfare Reductions

    The Council helped lay the groundwork for airfare reductions to major national airports and later, the expansion of the Palm Beach County airport.

  • Discover Palm Beach County

    The Council helped in founding Discover Palm Beach County, Inc.

  • Business Development Board/Royal Palm Beach Festival

    The Council helped establish the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County and played a role in the founding of the Royal Palm Beach Festival, the predecessor of Sunfest

  • Education Foundation of Palm Beach County, Inc.

    The Council helped lay the groundwork for the Education Foundation of Palm Beach County, Inc.

  • William T. Dwyer Awards for Excellence in Education

    The Council founded the William T. Dwyer Awards for Excellence in Education, recognizing outstanding teacher achievements in Palm Beach County.

  • Formation of the Criminal Justice Commission/Bed Tax

    The Council facilitated the formation of the Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) and also played a role in the creation of the Bed Tax, this eventually led to the TDC.

  • Project Mosaic

    The Council created a community partnership, Project Mosaic, to address issue of racial integration in the schools and community, and its effects on the excellence of education.

  • Raleigh-Durham Leadership Trip

    The Council hosted an inaugural benchmarking trip to the Raleigh-Durham, NC area, where nearly 50 Palm Beach County community and business leaders investigated how this region has made education, entrepreneurship, and healthcare exemplary.

  • Operational Efficiencies Committee/County Search Committee for County Administrator & Superintendent

    The Council created an operational efficiencies committee for the School Board and participated in a County search committee for the selection of the new County Administrator and Superintendent of Schools.

  • MLB Spring Training

    The Council assisted in the expansion of Major League Baseball Spring Training in Palm Beach County.

  • Penny Sales Tax & Denver Leadership Trip

    The Council joined with community leaders in the Palm Beach County Tax Support Coalition to promote a successful Penny Sales Tax Campaign

  • Agriculture Summit

    The Council hosted the first Palm Beach International Agriculture Summit

  • PBC Housing Summit

    The Council came together with community leaders to discuss innovative tools and models to explore solutions for increasing attainable housing in Palm Beach County .

  • Present Day