About Us

The Economic Council of Palm Beach County’s mission is to create an environment in Palm Beach County that helps business prosper.
To achieve this goal, the Economic Council promotes prudent economic growth; advocates for the quality of life in Palm Beach County; encourages the principles of good government and good citizenship; takes an active interest in the civic, cultural and social welfare of the county and the state; provides a forum for the open discussion of matters of public interest; and seeks to inspire service-minded citizens to serve their community.
The Economic Council of Palm Beach County’s diverse membership includes nearly every area industry and its membership consists exclusively of top level business. The Council is dedicated to providing community leadership that helps businesses thrive and grow in Palm Beach County.
Since 1975, the Council and its members have created and sustained a productive business climate with a non-partisan agenda. As a results-driven organization, the Economic Council is a social, economic and political voice that businesses in Palm Beach County and neighboring communities trust. For almost 40 years, the Economic Council’s foremost goal is to positively impact the business landscape of Palm Beach County.