2020 Legislative Priorities


  • Utilize all Sadowski funds for FL’s SHIP (State Housing Initiative Partnership) and SAIL (State Apartment Incentive Program) programs to address housing issues.
    • FY 20-21 Doc Stamp Projection: $350,000,000
    • $17,150,616: Housing monies that PBC would receive in FY 20-21 w/ full funding
  • Ensure the Sadowski Housing Trust Fund is protected from budgetary ‘sweeps’
    • Potential legislation


Higher Education

  • Palm Beach State College
    • Dental & Medical Services Technology Building: $27 million
      • Currently ranked #5 on PECO funding list
      • Only Accredited Dental Hygiene & Assisting Programs in PBC
      • 100 % job placement rate with growing demand for the profession
    • Increase in Operational Funding to create programs to meet workforce needs in PBC
      • Vocational programs are the most costly (Equipment, Technology, etc.)
    • Florida Atlantic University
      • ‘FAU 100’ Initiative
        • Additional recurring operational funds will be requested this year
      • Jupiter Research Building: $ TBD
        • Funds will be utilized to construct a new 58,000 gsf Life Sciences (LS) STEM building on FAU’s John D. MacArthur Campus in Jupiter.
      • D Henderson/FAU High University Lab School:$ TBD
        • ADHUS / FAUHS is the number one lab school in the state of Florida, based on state examinations, and ranks among the top 10 of all schools in the state, including both public and charter schools.
      • Support the Florida College System Program (FCS) Fund Request: $
      • Support restored funding to Florida Effective Access to Student Education (EASE) program
        • Provides tuition assistance to undergraduate students attending private, not-for-profit FL colleges & universities (25% of FL Bachelors & 40% of FL Graduate degrees)
        • FY 19-20 EASE funding per student: $2,841
        • FY 20-21 Request: $3,500 per student


  • Support an increase in per-pupil funding for Florida students
    • Total FEFP Funding FY 19-20: $22.2 Billion
    • $1.1 Billion increase from FY18-19
    • $350 per student increase
  • Support increased funding for VPK programs & legislation to bolster VPK teacher accreditation
  • Required Local Effort – Reverse the ‘Rollback’ of the RLE, which will allow for increases in the taxable value of property tax resulting from PBC property sales.
  • Fund Previous and New Unfunded Mandates – Adequately fund mandates passed — especially last year’s Mental Health and School Safety initiatives.
  • Support an increase in dollars for school safety & mental health services
    • Safe Schools Funding FY 19-20: $180 Million
    • Mental Health Assistance FY 19-20: $75 Million


  • Oppose any further cuts to the Medicaid Reimbursement rates
    • Would adversely affect hospitals with large Medicaid populations
    • Cuts have negatively impacted hospitals throughout Palm Beach County
  • Oppose the creation & expansion of ‘Recovery Care Centers’
    • HB 25 Ambulatory Surgical Centers passed the House but died in the Senate last year
  • Oppose the expansion of ‘Advanced Birthing Centers’ & related services
    • ABC language was added to HB 25 last year. This bill did not move in the Senate


  • Support full funding for Visit Florida & Enterprise Florida
    • Visit FL FY 19-20: $50 Million
    • Enterprise FL FY 19-20: $16 Million
  • Support increased funding of Florida Job Growth Grant Fund
    • $40 million in FY 19-20
  • Support PBC Glades Regional Master Plan
    • Connectivity, Mobility, & Transportation projects: Belle Glade, Pahokee & South Bay


  • Support Water Sustainability & Infrastructure projects for Palm Beach County
    • Glades Regional Infrastructure Improvement Program
    • Loxahatchee River Preserve Initiative
    • Lake Worth Lagoon Initiative
    • Lake Region Water Project (Glades)
  • Support $50 million recurring for Beach & Inlet Management through DEP’s Beach Nourishment Grant Program
  • Support policy & budgetary action to deal with increasing red tide & blue-green algae issues, particularly prevention & treatment
  • Support the Legislature and Federal government’s efforts to expedite the completion of repairs to the Herbert Hoover Dike so storage can be increased
  • Support policy & budgetary actions to protect our water supply from pollutants such as septic tanks, storm water runoff, and other contaminants
  • Support increased state funding for the EAA (Everglades Agricultural Area)
  • Support increased funding for the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP)
  • Support continued & increased funding for programs to ensure water storage (STA’s) can be increased in the EAA & to decrease Lake O discharges to the east


  • Support full implementation of the 2020 Census & work with our local partners to ensure the best outcomes