2018 Legislative Priorities- Active

Economic Development: Glades Regional Initiatives, Enterprise Florida

Public Safety: Opioid Abuse, Sober Homes

Health and Human Services: Affordable Housing, Quality of Healthcare

Education: Palm Beach State College Funding, Florida Atlantic University Funding

Environmental and Natural Resources: Water/ Beach Issues

Economic Council: Gaming


2018 Legislative Priorities- Watch

Economic Development: Visit Florida, Biomedical Research

Budget and Taxation: Unfunded Mandates, Homestead Exemption, Home Rule, Business Rent Tax, Other Tax Issues

Health and Human Services: Homelessness

Education: High School Graduation Requirements (HB 88)

Environmental and Natural Resources: Septic to Sewer Conversion

Economic Council: Ag Land Preservation, Workers Comp, Infrastructure


Business Climate and Competitiveness

Support the reduction/elimination of the commercial lease use tax as defined by the Florida Association of Counties. The FAC language supports a gradual reduction of the tax with it ultimately being eliminated.

Support fair worker’s comp legislation currently tied up in court

Workforce/Affordable Housing; support full fund re: Sadowski Bill

Civic and Governance Systems

Support the expansion of gambling at pari-mutual facilities in Palm Beach County.

Support stronger oversight to review and eliminate unnecessary regulations and licensing requirements on businesses.

Infrastructure and Growth Leadership

Support Data Center Legislation

Innovation and Economic Development

Support the Glades Regional Initiatives

These initiatives will provide economic development and job creation in this area including components of the Glades Regional Master Plan.

Support Florida’s film, television, and digital media investment programs

This requires asking for the restoration of adequate funding for the State’s Office of Film and Entertainment.

According to PBC records, the film/tv industry has directly and indirectly impacted the county significantly.

Support The Scripps Research Institute/Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience and biomedical research funding

By statute, Sanford-Burnham was allocated direct funding beyond that of other bio-medical organizations. As Sanford-Burnham is now defunct, a redirection of that funding to Scripps/Max Planck would be in order.

Enterprise Florida

Support legislative priorities set by Enterprise Florida

Quality of Life and Places

Support the regulation of Sober Homes.

Support cultural arts and historic grants funding.

Talent Supply and Education

Support the funding of FAU Jupiter Research building and life-science initiative funding.

Support FAU Tech Runway funding.

Support PECO funding.

Support the Dental Hygienist Building on Palm Beach State College campus.

Support Lab Schools funding.

Support enabling legislation for a partnership between Palm Beach State College and Palm Beach County School Board’s 4+ (Job Readiness) Program